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As of January 2014, more than 800 people have “thrown their hat in the ring” by making a financial donation to help make this film (an outreach and education project of the Lead Safe America Foundation) possible.

Donations have been both in-kind (goods and services) and cash support, ranging in value from $1 (cash) to more than $100,000 (in-kind).

As Lead Safe America Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your support in any amount is welcome and tax-deductible. Our Federal Tax ID Letter can be found here. Donations can either be made by check or credit card – or the simplest way to donate – is clicking the PayPal “Donate” button here, and if you want your support designated specifically for the film just put “Film” in the note section of your donation. If you are with a business, and would prefer to pay an invoice for your donation (for your paper trail), we are happy to send you a PayPal donation invoice.

A donation of $100 or more will get you a Special Thanks in the end-credits of the film [as long as we are still at a point in post production prior to picture lock (still in a position to edit the credits.)] We are also offering more significant recognition on our websites and in the film credits with our Producer levels of support.  More information about becoming a producer of MisLEAD can be found here.

A final way you can support the project is by helping to cover the cost of hosting a screening in your community (or in the community of your choosing.) For information about hosting a screening, click here.

We need to raise a minimum of $60,000 in finishing funds for the film, although have a bigger goal of about $200,000 which would include covering some of the preliminary distribution costs of the film. Some specific additional costs we are looking to cover include:

  • $9,000 – Getty Images and Footage Rights
  • $10,000 – Music Rights
  • $20,000 – Picture Finishing
  • $11,000 – Editing Costs (animation, music and image placement)
  • $3000 – Back up Drives (for all of our footage and the film itself)
  • $2,000 – Festival Submissions
  • $5,000 – Poster & DVD Art Development & Finishing
  • $5,000 – Preview Screening Coordination Costs
  • $20,000 – Oscar Bid Qualifying Runs in New York and Los Angeles
  • $10,000 – DVD Printing (first run)
  • $10,000 – Simple Solutions Video Series Production (collateral materials to film)
  • $5,000 – website development for the film
  • $90,000 – United States 3-Month Summer Screening Tour to under served areas including small towns who otherwise might not have access to the film (includes portable projection equipment, travel costs, coordination costs, materials development, etc.)

Thank you so much for your interest in helping to educate the world about this 100% preventable environmental illness. Your support will make a difference.

If you would like to send a check, our mailing address is:

Lead Safe America Foundation
6637 SE Milwaukie, Suite 203
Portland, OR 97202

and our P.O. Box is

Lead Safe America Foundation
P.O. Box 820044
Portland, Oregon 97282


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